WIR 6/8-6/14

Wednesday 6/8: Eagle at the res, loons at Flint’s, nothing at Nine Acre or Elm Brook.

Thursday 6/9: Internet issues, 2 ravens on the way to the office were it.

Friday 6/10: Still internet issues, nothing of note at Heard Farm. Thrasher near home later was interesting.

Saturday 6/11: No Acadian or much beyond RB Nuthatches at Brewster’s Woods. Spatterdock Darner and towhees among other things between Foss Farm and the Greenough Land in Carlisle.

Sunday 6/12: Dunback had lots of pollen and the expected birds. Tried for the Mississippi Kite photographed in Sudbury yesterday in the afternoon, no luck unsurprisingly. Couple Osprey nests at least.

Monday 6/13: Finally got the right diagnosis from Verizon but that took up the morning.

Tuesday 6/14: Rock Meadow survey was quiet. Stopped at the West Meadow after, rail running around was nice.