WIR 6/9-6/15

Thursday 6/9: Rock Meadow survey. Rained heavily.

Friday 6/10: Habitat survey, about the same. Stopped at BBN on the way home. No luck with cuckoos but a Black-and-white was singing.

Saturday 6/11: Started at AGM where it was raining too heavily. Moved on to the Mary Cummings estate where I got the Alder Flycatcher that’s been around with relative ease (other than walking through thigh-high soaking wet grass). Also several Blue-wings here. Stopped at Paine on the way home, lots of young robins and Chipping Sparrows but not much else.

Sunday 6/12: Went to Great Meadows eventually. Good view of the moorhen but not much else.

Monday 6/13: Prospect Hill, bumped BT Green to Probable for Maynard 12 and added it as Possible for Boston North 3.

Tuesday 6/14: Hardy Pond had very little (but I looked very little).

Wednesday 6/15: Moody St to Prospect St was pretty quiet. Still 3 species of gulls hanging around but not much else.

WIR 6/2-6/8

Thursday 6/2: Rock Meadow survey: BB Cuckoo, BW Warbler, first hummingbird of the year finally. Monarch while mowing the lawn.

Friday 6/3: Habitat survey was pretty quiet but GH Owl and bluebird between points. Went to Great Meadows with Bob after. Got a couple second view of the Least Bittern flying and an Orchard Oriole was new for Great Meadows. Also a cooperative Marsh Wren:



Saturday 6/4: Ended up with a long walk around Prospect Hill. Tracked down John Hines’s Canada and Mourning Warblers (Mourning #194) and had several redstarts, a black-throated green (in my block?), 2 Black-billed Cuckoos, and a nice variety of butterflies and dragonflies including Dusted Skipper and presumed Swamp Darner.



Sunday 6/5: Great Meadows

Monday 6/6: Paine: Hummer, Hairy carrying food, most of the expected summer stuff. Lots of butterflies.

Tuesday 6/7: Minuteman survey. Turkey and I think Yellow-billed Cuckoo were new, the rest was hampered by loud traffic (at 5:30AM!) and then crows mobbing me.

Wednesday 6/8: Charles was pretty quiet. Lots of Prince Baskettails and a few Orange Bluets.

WIR 5/26-6/1

Thursday 5/26: Forest Grove was pretty quiet, the Flowed Meadow trails are a bit tight for birding and not much was singing. Blackpoll near the yard this morning.

Friday 5/27: Helped with a survey at Habitat in the morning. It was pretty quiet (Black-billed Cuckoo was the most interesting) and it turns out the hummingbird nest in the parking lot is nowhere near my block. Lunch at Prospect Hill greeted me with a really loud Hooded Warbler.

Saturday 5/28: Walked through Lot 1, West Meadow, BBN. Pair of cuckoos below Avalon and lots of butterflies but not much else.

Sunday 5/29: New Salem for the day. No time to look for stuff but heard BT Blue, BT Green, etc and had a Chalk-fronted Corporal. Red-shoulder perched on the side of Rt. 2 was nice.

Monday 5/30: Dunback was too buggy. Arlington Great Meadows was quiet.

Tuesday 5/31: Prospect Hill was quiet. No warbler, no ravens. First Spicebush Swallowtail of the year was it.

Wednesday 6/1: See yesterday but substitute River Walk for Prospect Hill, White-fronted Goose for birds, and Stream Bluet for the bugs.

WIR 5/19-5/25

Thursday 5/19: Home and away.

Friday 5/20: Travel day.

Saturday 5/21: Cousin’s graduation. Kingfisher flew over mid-ceremony. Afternoon walk around the FDR estate had first Spot-winged Glider of the year.

Sunday 5/22:


Stopped at Bartholomew’s Cobble on the way home. Now 1 for 1 on Black Vulture. Also heard a Bay-breasted and a few other warblers. Plus got Black Vulture in New York on the way as well, would have been nice to get a Connecticut one too.

Monday 5/23: Paine, forgot about the science field trips so ended up working down the hill. BT Green, yb cuckoo, sharpie, etc. Swamp Sparrow was probably the oddest bird.

Tuesday 5/24: BBN had the usual summer birds. Those include Blue-winged Warbler, turkey, many grosbeaks, Indigo Bunting, etc. Plus Cherry Gall Azure, American Lady, and a few other butterflies.

Wednesday 5/25: BBN again before work. Same as yesterday minus the turkey plus site tick Red-breasted Nuthatch along with Chestnut-sided, Blackpoll, Magnolia, Ovenbird, and Solitary Sandpiper, and a Question Mark. Duck ponds at lunch added Orchard Oriole and first patch odes of the year (many forktails, 1 baskettail, and a tandem pair of green darners).

WIR 5/12-5/18

Thursday 5/12: BBN: BT Blue, Parula, nothing too exciting.

Friday 5/13: Paine: YB Cuckoo, Nashville, probable Springtime Darner.

Saturday 5/14: Combined Birdathon/Menotomy Century Run. Ended up with 105 species ranging from Vine Brook Marsh to the Brooks Estate, Fells, Horn Pond, Horn Pond Mountain, Hanscom, Great Meadows, Lindentree Farms, Nine Acre Corner, White Pond, and the Charles.

Sunday 5/15: Led the BBC Mt. Auburn trip. It was raining for most of the time and no one showed, which didn’t bother me much. Ended up with 11 warblers and a few other things in an hour.

Monday 5/16: Duck ponds: swan was back, parula and yellowthroat were it otherwise.

Tuesday 5/17: Nothing much at Hardy Pond. Spotted Sandpiper flying across Cambridge Res. No storm-blown birds.

Wednesday 5/18: Great Meadows before work: 2 Hooded Merganser, lots of swallows including a few Cliff. Ravens at Prospect Hill (and a Fish Crow).

WIR 5/5-5/11

Thursday 5/5: Duck ponds had a few warblers, a grosbeak, and a Green Heron.

Friday 5/6: White-fronted still along the Charles, pretty quiet otherwise.

Saturday 5/7: Complete loop at Prospect Hill. Good number of warblers including Blackburnian and Northern Waterthrush. Also a sapsucker, 3 deer, Field Sparrow, many Indigo Buntings and tanagers, etc.

Sunday 5/8: Oxbow with Josh Rose and Tom Murray. Successfully found a couple Ringed Boghaunters, plus a few baskettails and a whiteface. Also a nice mix of Spring and Cherry Gall Azures, a Question Mark, and 40ish species of birds including Yellow-throated Vireo and drumming Ruffed Grouse.

Monday 5/9: Beaver Brook was very quiet (too windy?). BT Green, couple Yellow-rumps, and a Savannah Sparrow were about it.

Tuesday 5/10: Hardy Pond had 2 Ruddy and lots of swallows but they were all Tree and Barn.

Wednesday 5/11: Purgatory Cove was quiet.

WIR 4/28-5/4

Thursday 4/28: Purgatory Cove and Forest Grove were pretty quiet.

Friday 4/29: Prospect Hill was shockingly quiet but did manage first of year catbird.

Saturday 4/30: Saw something at Mt. Auburn. Plus 11 warblers and various other spring birds and an American Lady or two.

Sunday 5/1: Arlington Res: 5 Least Sandpiper, Warbler Vireos, no new warblers. Afternoon around the Charles: gnatcatcher on nest, Great Crested Flycatcher, patch tick Red-breasted Nuthatch, and returning Yellow-throated Vireo.

YT Vireo

Gnatcatcher at nest

Monday 5/2: Dodged science field trips at Paine and then even more people at Beaver Brook for a couple Yellow-rumps and a Clouded Sulphur.

Tuesday 5/3: BBN before work: Chestnut-sided, Ovenbird, 2 Parula, 2 Yellowthroat, Wood Thrush, more of the regular stuff. Prospect Hill at lunch: 3 Ovenbird, BT Green, Coyote (‘following’ me up the slope a bit).

Wednesday 5/4: Took the GPS to the gnatcatcher nest to confirm that it is in Boston South 1. Vireo was cooperative and warblers all over although I didn’t have time to sift through. Great Meadows in the evening to try for the whistling-ducks. Wet and quiet.

WIR 4/21-4/27

Thursday 4/21: Prospect Hill was windy and not very exciting. Two Hermit Thrush, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Comma were about it.

Friday 4/22: Day off, so started with Lot 1 hoping to confirm Great Horned Owl. Could only find an old pellet. Did have a House Wren and a few Palms and a Pine. Ticks all over. Arlington Res after, Yellow-rumps and Palms all over plus a Yellow and a Pine. Spotted Sandpipers were in and the Pectoral remained. Couldn’t find any snipe though even knowing there were 4 there.

Saturday 4/23: Rained out

Sunday 4/24: Photos cover it.

Monday 4/25: Duck ponds had the usual. Ruby-crowned Kinglet in the yard.

Tuesday 4/26: Decided it was too foggy before work, not sure if that was a good idea or not. Yellow-rumps all over the yard. Beaver Brook at lunch was pretty slow, thrasher and flyover Osprey were about it. Rusty Blackbird at Hardy Pond in the afternoon.

Wednesday 4/27: Rock Meadow before work. Virginia Rail didn’t cooperate but kingbird, kestrel, heard-only Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Black-and-white Warbler, along with a Field Sparrow. BBN at lunch had another Black-and-white along with a Black-throated Green and a Baltimore Oriole, plus a Juvenal’s Duskywing and several Six-spotted Tiger Beetles. Savannah Sparrows apparently in the yard while I was at work, that’s #97 for the yard list.


WIR 4/13-4/20

Wednesday 4/13: Hardy Pond in the rain was pretty quiet. Nothing at all on the Cambridge Res.

Thursday 4/14: Lots of woodpeckers and Pine Warblers at Paine along with my first Chipping Sparrow of the year.

Friday 4/15: West Meadow was very quiet.

Saturday 4/16: Fells where we didn’t see Louisiana Waterthrush. I continued to Prospect Hill and the Cambridge Res without much.

Sunday 4/17: Led an MBC trip to Rock Meadow and BBN. Highlights: Sapsucker, Fox Sparrow, first of year Swamp Sparrows, Brown Thrasher, and a raccoon. Also first Cabbage White of the year. Arlington Res in the afternoon had a Pectoral Sandpiper among the usual stuff.


Monday 4/18: Went down to Hyannis for Yellow-legged Gull. Very strong winds didn’t help, hard to tell if they kept the gulls away or if they’ve moved on. Lots of Bonaparte’s (and possibly a Black-headed) plus first of year Laughing Gull and Piping Plover.


Tuesday 4/19: Duck ponds had lots of Yellow-rumps, a few Palms, and 4 Wood Ducks.

Wednesday 4/20 (changing the starting day again): Purgatory Cove had lots of swallows including several Rough-winged and a Bank, along with a very noisy pair of kingfishers, tons of Palms and Yellow-rumps, 3 Ring-necks, and 2 Lesser Scaup (at least the male was, presumably the female was too).

WIR 4/6-4/12

Wednesday 4/6: Hit Hardy Pond for a couple minutes on the way to work: 5 Ruddy, few mergansers, bufflehead, etc. Paine at lunch had the expected Pine Warbler along with a Hermit Thrush but not much else (half surprised no butterflies). Frogs were going strong.

Thursday 4/7: Long walk around BBN. Phoebes all over (minimum of 5) and at least one Rusty Blackbird singing from the vernal pool was an overdue patch tick. Turkey ran across the road on the way out.

Friday 4/8: Charles at lunch. WF Goose was still around. Palm and Pine Warblers by the telephone worker training area. Great Meadows after work. Finally caught up with one of the Horned Grebes and also had first of year Barn Swallow.

Horned Grebe

Saturday 4/9: Mostly in New Salem. Also had first comma of the year and a quick glimpse of the Osprey on nest at the Littleton rookery.

Sunday 4/10: Walked through Lot 1, West Meadow, and BBN. Great Horned at Lot 1, 2 Fox Sparrows and a Field Sparrow at BBN were about it for birds. Two Mourning Cloaks and several commas as well.

Monday 4/11: Forest Grove had a few Palm Warblers. Fairly quiet otherwise, but a Virginia Rail called very distantly as I was heading out.

Tuesday 4/12: Kinglets all over the base of Prospect Hill, not too much up the ski slope. Went back to Forest Grove after work and explored Flowed Meadow a bit. Lots of Palms, along with a few Yellow-rumps and a couple Palms. A rail was very loud below the bench near the landfill. At Purgatory Cove, a couple jays, titmice, and a nuthatch were going bonkers over a couple holes but I couldn’t find anything in them (go in at the gate on the right just beyond the cove, down the path that’s immediately to right are two pines on the left, the tree was next to those, easier to check from climbing up the hill a bit).